Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Quatermass: "If we found our Earth was doomed - say from climatic changes - what would we do about it?"

Roney: "Nothing.  Just go on squabbling as usual."

Screenwriter Nigel Kneale there, nailing it in his script for Quatermass and the Pit.  Which came out in 1967.  Just sayin'.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Other stuff that was good in 2015



I got a Netflix account this year, so a good chunk of my telly watching consisted of non-2015 anime that doesn't count.  But Kill la Kill, Aldnoah.Zero and Sword Art Online are all great so there.  As for stuff that does count, Netflix also dispensed the fantastic Daredevil, which was almost my show of the year. Also notable: Humans; The Hunt; Hannibal and The Returned both wrapping up with series that were good but not as good as proceeding series; Jessica Jones being good so far (only halfway through); Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead providing their usual levels of gore and WTFery.  The winner, though, must be Wolf Hall.


I bought slightly too many games this year, many of which weren't 2015-era.  But some were.  And of them, it's a three-way tie between Splatoon, Fallout 4 and Steins;Gate for best of the year.  All three are fantastic; all three have certain major issues.  I love 'em all and can't decide.


Song of the year?  Easy: "The Shade" by Metric.  Album of the year?  Trickier.  I only got...three or four, I think?  "The Shade"'s parent album, Pagans in Vegas, might be in with a shout.  But I do like Jean-Michel Jarre's esoterically titled Electronica 1: The Time Machine.  Hmm.


I don't think I actually bought a 2015-published book.  So, um, yeah.  Read plenty of good ones, mind.  Actually, wait!  I bought Ernest Cline's Armada and David Wong's Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits.  The latter of which I haven't read yet.  So Cline wins by default and Wong gets Best Title For A Book.

My Top 10 Films of 2015

Because I was concerned that no-one anywhere had done one of these already.  Also, MY OPINIONS ARE VALID LET ME TELL YOU THEM