Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tie-in movie games they maybe shouldn't make

This is basically an idea nicked wholesale from some fellow who wrote in to NGamer a few months ago. Except he did it with TV shows and by changing it to movies I can avoid terrifying lawsuits, or something like that.

Oh, and they're for the Wii. Er, would be. Won't be. Shouldn't be. Please, don't make these games.

Apocalypto - pump your arms up and down really fast to simulate running through the rainforest for ages. Like Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, but with more people getting their faces chewed off by jaguars.

Duck Soup - the remote takes the place of Groucho's cigar. Wave it with vigour. The mirror scene is done in the manner of Dance Dance Revolution.

Coffee and Cigarettes - lift the nunchuk to drink some coffee. Lift the remote to smoke a cigarette. Includes an unlockable Singstar-style level where you freestyle with the Wu-Tang Clan.

Clerks - don't touch the remote to make your character sit on his arse. Waggle the nunchuk listlessly to discuss Star Wars.

Shaun of the Dead - lift the nunchuk to drink some tea. The remote acts as your cricket bat.

Juno - lift the nunchuk to drink some Sunny Delight/unidentified blue sugary substance. The remote takes the place of Juno's pipe. Gesture with it to wisecrack.

The Truman Show - exactly like The Sims, except IT'S ALL REAL.

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