Monday, August 04, 2008

My worldview is shattered...

...I kind of agree with Keith Vaz

Okay, so there's not much actual onscreen violence, but the repeated threats are pretty intense, and it's basically one huge downer from beginning to end. I wouldn't feel comfortable taking an 11-year-old to see it.

I can understand why they 12A-d it, though, if it was 15 the ushers'd be trying to hold back an oncoming flood of underage kids determined to get in.

(I seem to recall that the original 12 certificate was invented for the first Burton film, incidentally.)

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TeamSmithy said...

I was surprised by the number of kids I saw in there, that and I found it hard to believe kids would be that much into it anyway, it's pretty long.

Which begs the same question Kyle Baker asked; “Who makes a Batman movie that I can’t take my kids to?”