Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Now is the time to write on the blog

Oh god, that title is an old forum joke from about four years ago that about sixty people in the entire world will get. I'm such a nerd.

So yeah. I felt like writing on this but I didn't have a topic in mind so I figured I'd just start and see what happens.

Nothing, apparently.

I think I'm gonna try booting up the Dreamcast in a bit. I'm currently on my second model and I'm pretty sure it's dying. I want to see if I can't get a bit of Shenmue action in, though, I'm halfway through a playthrough. I think. Haven't touched the thing in months due to its nearing-death.

Random fact: did you know that The 5th Dimension, the old ride at Chessington World of Adventures, had a script written by Douglas Adams? Sadly I only ever got to go on it once, the very first time I went to Chessington, and it scared the life out of me and I kept my eyes shut most of the way round. I was five or six at the time, so hey.

Incidentally, I went to Thorpe Park a couple of weeks ago, and Saw The Ride? Brilliant. It's so much fun. While I love rollercoasters, a lot of them make me slightly queasy or, hey, scare me a bit. But Saw stands proud alongside the likes of Nemesis, Oblivion and Rita as being pure exhilarating joy.

*goes to check the post that just came through the door*

Goddammit Lovefilm, where's my copy of I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK? I got an email like last Thursday saying it had been posted and it hasn't turned up yet.

Okay I think I'm done blathering now. I might go watch an episode of Firefly or summat.

(Entire world: "NOBODY CARES")

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