Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rise of the foolish move

So Rise of the Tomb Raider is Xbox One-exclusive?  Really?  Really?  Does anyone believe that situation'll stay like that?  And why did Square Enix sign an exclusivity deal when 5.3 million copies of the last game in the series shipped in a month (or whatever the stats were) "didn't meet expectations"?  Sheesh.

I follow the game's head writer, Rhianna Pratchett, on Twitter.  Apparently she's been getting grief about it.  Because the head writer is obviously the person in charge of these sorts of decisions.  Oh, internet people.  Why you be so dumb.

(Part of my cynicism comes from fear that it really will stay XO-exclusive.  'Cos I really want to play it and don't want to buy an Xbox One.  In fact, quick memo, Microsoft: you will only get me to buy an Xbox One by announcing Shenmue III as an exclusive title.  And even then I'll wait around a bit to see if a PS4 version materialises.)

(To be fair, Sunset Overdrive looks fun, and a new Crackdown is always welcome.  But I'm sticking to my guns here.)

(Brackets brackets brackets.)

(I like brackets.)

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