Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Words and maybe observation

Actually, I kind of wish I'd called my blog that now.

I'm back, and I have made some links. For your information - Scott Pilgrim: website for the second-best comic ever made (after Calvin and Hobbes); Mellenhead's Weblog: Mary's blog that I am digitally pimping in the hopes that she will return the favour; Homestar Runner - essential viewing for young and old; Dinosaur Comics - a comic about dinosaurs.

I caught a bit of a BBC London news report on this, and couldn't help but notice that the guy selling the stuff and saying "g'head, use it" did not use it himself.

On a totally unrelated note (I'm basically browsing BBC News because I can't think of anything to write about), I've just discovered that the South African version of Sesame Street has an HIV-positive Muppet to encourage kids not to shun people with the virus. I think that's several kinds of brilliant.

Yeah, I'm really drawing a blank here. Superdickery to the rescue!

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Mary said...

Consider yourself digitally pimped in return my friend.