Wednesday, September 26, 2007

When I push it, it falls over!

Anyone who's met me will be aware that my life basically revolves around five things:
  1. Books and comics
  2. Music
  3. Computer games
  4. Films
  5. All of the above

I'm on a particularly virulent gaming kick at the moment, and have been thinking about realism in games, fuelled by this article and a piece in this month's NGamer magazine.

My five favourite games of all time are NiGHTS Into Dreams..., Christmas NiGHTS, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Shining Force III and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Which is to say, games involving flying androgynous harlequins, dragons, bird-men, rock-men, centaurs, fairies, monsters, wendigos and a goblin in this really nifty steam-powered armour-robot-suit thing. (Admittedly if you didn't allow Christmas NiGHTS to the party because it's essentially a glorified demo disc my fifth game would be ultra-realistic talk-to-people-and-feed-a-kitten-'em-up Shenmue, but bear with me.) I tend toward the fantastical, the weird, the stuff that you can't actually do in the real world.

I enjoy realistic games - hello, Shenmue - but the thing is, quite apart from the fact they look a lot older a lot quicker than games that have no grounding in reality (boot up a Mega Drive and Sonic 1 has dated a hell of a lot better than Desert Strike), realistic games are almost always po-faced games. And that's rubbish.

I'm a firm supporter of UK Resistance's "Blue Skies in Games" campaign. I'll play Ultra-Gritty Super-Real Angry Marines Shoot People Or Maybe Some Aliens In The Face And/Or Proboscis 7 if it's any good, but given the choice between that and this:

...I know which looks more fun. They're called video "games" for a reason.


Zak said...

I'm very much in agreement! The only one of those games I haven't got/played is Shining Force III. The others are probably all in my personal top ten though. Panzer Dragoon Saga seems to be pretty overlooked now I find, yet it's so much more engaging than any Final Fantasy I've attempted playing. If I had time to do it justice I'd love to pitch it to STC-O!
(Am I right in thinking this is Samface from the STCO forums btw?)
Cheers for commenting on the Link piccie man, it's good to know people are checking the blog!

Sam The Great And Powerful said...

Yeah, you are. I actually stumbled on to your blog through Smithy's. A tangled web we weave...