Monday, December 03, 2007


87. Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors’ Dreams
Saturn, 1996, Capcom/Virgin Interactive

This is the only SF game I’ve ever owned, which I guess makes me suck or something. Apparently, get this, if you do a sort of quarter-circle forward and press punch as Ryu or Ken, you shoot a fireball. Good, eh?

86. 1080˚ Avalanche
Gamecube, 2003, NST/Nintendo

Jeez, this game’s hard. But good. The difficulty gets to me quite readily, but the glorious panoramas you’re boarding across always lure me back. Top marks to the Frozen Melee levels – stunning obstacle courses of sheer rock at absurd heights, with three or four levels of elevation to choose from – magnificent. Plus, outracing the titular avalanches is great.

85. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
Gamecube, 2003, Capcom Production Studio 4/Capcom

I’d probably like this more if I’d picked it up closer to its original release, but chucking a PS1 game onto the Cube with basically no polish or extras was pretty damn cheeky. Of course, I still bought it…Anyway, it offers the usual Resi goodness, and the Live Selection concept and branching gameplay it births deserves to be brought back. The gunpowder idea was pretty good, too, if fiddly. Not bad for an old game, then.

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