Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Classic movies I don't really like

Basically because I'm bored. This is personal opinion and shouldn't stop you from checking them out yourself, etc etc. No particular order, either.

Blade Runner - I tried to watch this once and got bored in twenty minutes. And when you have Harrison Ford chasing rogue cyborgs through dirty streets simultaneously drenched in neon and rain, you have to actively work to lose my attention.

The Godfather - I didn't actually mind this one, it was pretty good considering gangster movies always depress and anger me. It appears on this list purely for Marlon "What The Fuck Is He Saying" Brando. "Ummph mpph mff, gmmm mf punf."

The Terminator - Possibly spoiled by the fact I'd already seen 2 and 3 by the time I got to it, but I just didn't really care.

Psycho - The music did this one in. It's all very well having a famous score with That Scary String Bit, but when the music's going all the freaking time it does your head in.

To Kill a Mockingbird - The book devotes so much time to the vivid colours of summer in the Deep South that a black and white film just doesn't work. I'll probably give this one another go, mind.

The Matrix - I used to love this, but I think everyone ever nicking bullet-time has ruined it. Now I watch it and just think "get on with it". Also, if you listen really hard during the endless slo-mo shots of great big guns being fired, you can hear the Wachowskis masturbating vigourously over their NRA badges.

Coming soon: Films I Like That Everyone Else Hates. Probably.

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TeamSmithy said...

I'm shaking my head with disapointment. You ruined post-christmas!