Monday, July 28, 2008

This is my island in the sun

I totally want to produce a great bit of blogging - a monumentous piece of prose that will echo through the ages and will have wizened old 'net-heads nodding sagely eighty years from now. "Ah yes," they will say, "that was a great and noble time for blogging."

Unfortunately, it's too bloody hot and clammy and my brain's given up. To prove it, I just tried to spell "bloody" with two "d"s. It's like in the Beano when they have a heatwave and the streetlights start melting.

Having said that, I wouldn't mind a go on Billy's Whizzer right now. It's not even as rude as it sounds, it's a ride at the Beanoland bit of Chessington World of Adventures. It's a waveswinger (those things where you sit in a single chair suspended by chains and it spins around a bit) that squirts water at you, and it's absolutely the best thing in the world on a hot day.

I should additionally point out it's nearly 10pm at the time of writing. I really do not cope with the summer at all. I should move to Alaska or something.

I saw on Smithy's blog (Holy Calamity, over there to the right) that some people don't like Jamie Hewlett's glorious Monkey idents on the BBC for the Olympics. This is because people are idiots. It scares me that these are the people together enough to successfully leave comments on a website. I shudder at the thought of the real reactionary, backwards-thinking people in their armchairs across the land, who haven't worked out how to get their messages of bile and idiocy to a wider world. "Stupid moving drawing things, where's Britannia punching the foreign devils in the face?" Ugggggh.

Right, I give up. To leave things on a lighter note, here's a hot girl in her underwear.

...Hey, you can totally see her nipples. I didn't notice that before.


TeamSmithy said...

Nipples, Billy the Whizz, and me! That will certainly echo through my ages!

Sam The Great And Powerful said...

Excellent. My plan, she nears fruition...