Saturday, July 26, 2008


So, I saw that movie with the robot in it last night. It was agreeable to eyes and mind.

I won't go into lengthy details for those of you who haven't seen it, but I must praise, laud and generally proclaim the greatness of the character animators. Body language is key to a good cartoon, and when you've given three-quarters of your cast the inability to speak more than three legible words then you're setting yourself up for quite a potential fall.

While Wall-E is ultra-expressive, he's got plenty of moving bits and bobs to help his comedic flailing along. The really impressive bit is the love interest, Eve.

They didn't give themselves much to work with, but every emotion comes across as clear as a bell - joy, fear, resigned irritation. She is, frankly, a work of animation art.
That's all I'll say, other than "go see it". Because you should go see it.
(Oh, and Wall-E's pet cockroach, whom I christened Gavin in honour of Strong Bad's associate, also deserves many props. Bet you never thought you'd find a cockroach cute.)
(And one more thing - make sure you're in time to see the traditional 5-minute opening short. It's another silent piece, called Presto, detailing the battle of wills between a magician and his rabbit. It's in the Looney Tunes style of ridiculous slapstick, and it's wonderful. Chuck Jones would be proud.)

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TeamSmithy said...

It was worth paying over the money just for Presto.