Sunday, April 21, 2013

Top 50 Games - #26

26: Worms 2
Developer: Team 17
Publisher: Microprose
Year: 1997
Format: PC  

This is one of those times where any number of individual games will do.  Did I want the original Worms, both as I first played it on a friend’s PC then owned it on Saturn?  Worms Armageddon maybe?  Actually, Armageddon was my favourite, but an inability to run it on XP means I haven’t played it for about fourteen years (JESUS CHRIST I’m old) and anyway I lost the disc years ago.  I have, however, kept hold of my old Worms 2 disc and still pop it in occasionally, meaning it’s certainly the instalment I’ve played the most.  So here it is, standing in for the series as a whole.
   Following on from my comments about Power Stone’s technological advances, I remember being astonished by Worms when I first played it, stunned by its real-time deformation.  No idea if it was advanced or not at the time, but it impressed me.
   Anyway.  I don’t really want to write a whole bunch about this, to be honest, ‘cos everyone’s given Worms a whirl at some point, surely.  If you haven’t, you’re weird.  The combination of cunning strategy, daft weapons and general irresistible silliness remains a glorious high point of PC gaming.

MAGIC MOMENT: working out how to pilot the Super Sheep.

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