Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Brief thoughts on Fallout 4

Based on three or so hours of play.

  • It's good.  It's vair good.
  • The opening is fantasically done.
  • Going for a fully-voiced protagonist was a bit of a risk, but thus far it seems to have paid off.  I'm playing as a woman and Courtenay Taylor's performance is excellent.
  • The game recognises what name you give your character, which completely blew my mind.  I decided to call my character Ruby and the bloke who voiced the robot Codsworth must've had to record hundreds of variations because he immediately referred to me, fully voiced, as "Mistress Ruby"!  It's not a super-obscure name, but it's not a common one either...
  • The Minecraft-esque town building is brilliant.  I wasn't expecting to delve into it much 'cos I tend to find those sort of systems a bit of a headache but I love it.
  • every item in the game has a use because you can scrap it for its raw materials Bethesda you bastards I have a hard enough time keeping my inventory weight limit down with useful items now I gotta pick up every coffee cup I see
  • also I'll be modding my weapons forever argh
  • Loads of great little touches.  Like the extra animations everywhere (especially fiddling with the Pip-Boy), the new layout and method for perks, being able to see inside containers immediately...
  • Facial animation is still a bit odd but it wouldn't be Fallout any other way.  Otherwise the game looks yum.

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