Wednesday, November 07, 2007


102. Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf
Mega Drive, 1992, EA

I’ve never actually got off the second level of this, because I suck so bad. But I don’t need to to know it’s great. Lovely graphics, good controls, satisfying gameplay, little running sprites that make me giggle, and that sense of panic when you wander into a Danger Zone before you’re ready. Great stuff.

101. Fighting Vipers
Saturn, 1996, AM2/Sega

They should make a Fighting Vipers 3. Who cares if the second one was apparently rubbish. Anyway, if you’re not familiar, this was AM2’s answer to the gamers who said “VF’s elegant, subtle, complex combat is all well and good, but what I really want to do is throw a fat guy into a fence then beat him around the head and face with a skateboard.” Fast and vicious, with all sorts of neck-snaps, arm-wrenches, groin-kicks and a guy with a mullet inserting a Flying V into places where a Flying V really should not go, it was ace and it had a 16-year-old girl in a red PVC miniskirt whose signature attack was to thrust her bare backside into her opponent’s face. Possibly that is why they haven’t made a third one.

100. Another Code: Two Memories
DS, 2005, Cing/Nintendo

This is actually a really, really good game, and I’m placing it all the way down here to punish it. No self-respecting point-and-click adventure should be over in four hours. It is just not right. Also, the ending’s really abrupt. But aside from the monumentally outrageous brevity, this is a great game. The plot’s engaging (if a bit odd), it looks good (although the way the characters sort of stretch when the camera pans over a scene is very unnerving), it sounds fantastic, and the puzzles are intelligent and imaginative. Get it, but get it as cheaply as possible so you don’t feel too short-changed.

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