Saturday, November 03, 2007

#107 Best Games Ever?

So over at the STCO message boards, people sometimes post lists of their favourite games. I did my top #25 in 2004 (I think), then my top #50 in 2005, and now I'm doing my top #107 because I am insane and very dull. Thought I may as well post them here, so....

107: Fighters Megamix
Saturn, 1997, AM2/Sega

Man, this was just about the most exciting thing ever when it was announced. Virtua Fighter 2 versus Fighting Vipers! With guest appearances from a whole shedload of other Sega games – Virtua Cop 2, Sonic the Fighters, Daytona USA…Yes, the Hornet from Daytona was a secret character. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a car hop up on its back wheels and give Jeffry McWild a quick jab in the face. Also, there was a giant piece of ham with comedy floating hands and feet. And a bean with a sombrero. Anyway, like most 3D fighters of the time, it’s dated pretty badly, but it’s still entertaining and worth checking out to see how Sega invented Smash Bros before Nintendo thought of it.

106. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
Gamecube, 2002, Sonic Team USA/Sega

It has to be said that this has aged a hell of a lot better than the first Adventure. Of course, it wasn’t as good in the first place, so whatever. But a lot of the levels (basically all of Sonic’s and Shadow’s, about half of Tails’ and Eggman’s, a couple of Knuckles’ and Rouge’s if you don’t mind running around aimlessly for bloody ages) still stand up very nicely. City Escape, Final Rush, Sky Rail and Radical Highway are certainly the best attempts at 3D Sonic I’ve played. Plus, Eggman running around in the Chao Garden is hilarious. YOSH!

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